Bucket List Safari: Commemorating Exceptional Moments with Exceptional Beauty

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Commemorate a treasured memory or landmark moment in your life with the specialized guidance of Soul of Africa Travel. Memorialize an extraordinary achievement, a life-changing moment, or a cherished milestone with an African Safari personalized just for you. Our Milestone Safaris honor momentous events including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, honeymoons, birthdays, and professional milestones, along with any other event you’d like to celebrate with us. We will design a custom safari that fulfills the desires of all those accompanying you on this once-in-a-lifetime trek, to ensure that it is an experience not easily forgotten.

Our expert guides will guide you on a unique journey through the wilds of the largest continent on Earth, during which you will be inspired by the knowledge they bestow upon you regarding Africa’s cultures, languages, landscape, and wildlife. Renowned chefs will prepare exquisite traditional cuisine that envelops you in the spices and aromas of an authentic Africa. With each step further into the spirit of Africa, your life milestone is more deeply engrained in the most intimate recesses of your mind. Let the striking magnificence of diverse, thriving ecosystems—from towering mountaintops to sandy deserts, to expansive grass lands teeming with wildlife—enchant you as you create yet another memory that will be commemorated for many years to come.

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