Adventure Travel: Unbridled Action in the Soul of Africa

Opportunities for adventure are overflowing from the fountain of pristine natural diversity that is Africa. Defy your limitations and revel in exhilarating activities that will forever alter your respect for Mother Nature. Plunge into a Shark Cage Diving excursion to come face-to-face with the supreme presence of the fearsome yet awe-inspiring Great White Shark. Admire the magnificence and immense power of the seventeen waterfalls comprising the incredible Victoria Falls, and bungee jump to truly unleash your adrenaline flow from atop the bridge at the peak of the falls. Water adventurers revel in the roaring waters below Victoria Falls’ deluge, river rafting and inner tubing in the midst of its roaring waters.

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Venturing into the heart of Africa, the plains of Malawi beckon worthy adventurers to experience its mystique, cultivating a new respect for the rugged beauty of this remote and unexplored region of African wilderness. Get right in the action through a wind-whipped ride across the plains atop a mountain bike to witness the wildlife action up close. Keep your eye out for one or all of the Big Five as you traverse the dusty yet picturesque plains. While no visit to Africa is complete without a Safari experience, Africa has countless other outdoors adventures to offer enthusiasts of all ages. Nothing can quite prepare you for the endless exhilaration and unbridled action that Africa has in store for you… if you’re up for the adventure!

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