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Why Choose Soul of Africa Travel?

We know Africa: we were born and raised there, we are partially based there and we continue to adventure across this great land in search of new, spiritually awaking experiences we can pass along to our clients. We have seen the great leopard dash into the bush on a remote game drive; we have heard the silence of an early morning on the reserve sipping African organic coffee; we have smelled the immense landscapes that house the world’s most diverse wildlife; we have tasted the indigenous African tribal cuisine that only a land that is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups can produce; and we have felt the goose bumps and spine tingling effects of an African Adventure.
Live life to the fullest: let Soul of Africa Travel guide you to experience one of the great wonders of the world. Whether its adventure, revitalization, romance, or relaxation you seek, Soul of Africa Travel is equipped to make you realize your dream.

Our Clients Are Saying…

Pow! Bam!! Right out of the Park!!! This trip was unbelievable.  My best vacation ever.  I have been telling everyone if you have never thought about going to South Africa, you should.  And if you do go, you are my person!  Great job.  Every tour… every hotel was beyond what I expected.  I strongly recommend the walk with the lions.  It blew my mind!  Thank you … thank you … thank you! Joyce Carpino – Chicago, IL
Joyce Carpino - Chicago, IL

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